The Wrong Reasons to Become a Doctor

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3 Comments on “The Wrong Reasons to Become a Doctor”

  1. inplaceofsomeoneyoulove says:

    I try to tell people interested in going into medicine: If there is anything else that you would rather do, then go do it. If medicine is it then it is right for you. You will have no regrets.

    • medzealot says:

      Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting. I’m honestly shocked to receive my first non-spam comment, especially since I haven’t updated this blog in months.

      I hope that you can be a trend setter and cause more people to engage in the discussion of whatever sundry topics end up on this blog.

      I used to carry a one-way ticket on the train of thought that you shouldn’t pursue medicine if there is anything else you could imagine yourself doing. I actually chose “medzealot” as a handle and a blog name when I was in that phase. I thought only people with zeal–with true passion for everything entailed in the practice of medicine–should consider it as a career.

      Various things have changed my opinion on this. One is spending time with multi-talented, multifaceted people who would make brilliant doctors, and would enjoy it, but have chosen to pursue other things.

      Similarly, I’ve been intrigued by doctors who have many non-medical pursuits and talents that they’ve successfully balanced with their medical careers.

      If medicine is the “one and only,” that’s great. It makes the decision a no-brainer. But there are people in this world who have an amazing breadth of talents and interests, who could have successful, fulfilling careers in medicine, or in something else. Honestly, I think we’d be lucky if more of those people chose medicine, rather than stayed away from it.

      I do think it is very appropriate for people who are unsure about medicine to pursue other interests first.

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