This blog has moved

Follow me here:

or for more than a blog, here: is a blog where I tell stories, brain dump, and host conversations about things that capture my attention in the day-to-day.

My self-hosted site ( contains the entire blog plus boat loads of other content.

Thanks for reading. Stay zealous.

4 Comments on “This blog has moved”

  1. I tried to click on your link to but it said the page wasn’t found. Should I just follow you at

    • Jacob says:

      So strange…thanks for letting me know about that. I just tried fixing it from my phone and wasn’t able to. I’ll see if i can get it resolved when I’m back in front of a computer and update you then. In the meantime feel free to follow at You’ll get all of the same blogging and the option to read other content of mine. What remains to be seen is how easy it will be for people to comment on posts, since I don’t think it will allow you to just use your account. Still working out the kinks, obviously…

    • Jacob says:

      Ok, the links appear to be working now. Thanks again for pointing it out, and let me know if you have any other problems moving over to the new url.

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